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TRAPPE, AREA ARTIFACTS, OLD PHOTOS, & MAPS , A collection of dozens of historical photographs depicting Trappe, Trappe area business, industry, churches, schools, black heritage, interesting people and places, and much more.  [ free picture gallery]


TRAPPE, AREA POSTCARD GALLERY , Images of many of the 60 known Trappe area postcards.  [ free picture gallery]

TRAPPE, MD. AREA POSTCARDS, By James Dawson; A compilation of cards (60 total) from several collections. Approximately 19 of the Trappe cards are known by one copy only.   [ download free .pdf]

THE FIRST EASTERN SHORE OF MD. VOL. INFANTRY AT THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG by John H. Shane from the Nov. 27, 1924 National Tribune. Dickson Prestonís Trappe The Story of an Old Fashioned Town states that Gov. Hicks summoned James C. Mullikin of Trappe, Md. to organize a company of Union volunteers in Cambridge. Charles R. Mullikin, a leading Trappe merchant, was named captain of Company H, which was Talbot Co.ís unit in the newly formed First Eastern Shore Regiment commanded by Col. James Wallace of Dorchester Co. Argalus G. Hennissee, James Mullikin and Solomon Colburn, were lieutenants, and Robert W. Ross was first sergeant. All were from the Trappe area, as were most of the 12 other non-commissioned officers and 64 privates.
At Gettysburg, Trappe men faced off against other Trappe men. Color sergeant Sgt. Robert W. Ross was the cousin of P. M. Moore who was the color sergeant of the First Maryland Confederate Regiment. Sgt. Moore was captured during the battle and died of his injuries a few days later. The 1st Md. Confederate Regiment also included several men from Trappe. Ten men from Company H were wounded and one, Andrew Satterfield died soon afterwards. .   [ download free .pdf]

FIRST PUBLISHED HISTORY OF TRAPPE, 1874 Originally printed in April 1874 issue of The Index, Trappe's first newspaper, reprinted nine years later in the April 11, 1883 issue of the Trappe Enterprise.   [ download free .pdf]

IRREGULARITIES IN ABUNDANCE, An Anecdotal History of Trappe District in Talbot Co., Md., edited and with Commentary by James Dawson, 2010. Everything you always wanted to known about Trappe district ... and more! This is the third history of Trappe that has been published. It differs from the previous two in that it is an anecdotal collection of material gleaned from old documents, diaries, newspaper articles, personal recollections and other sources with commentary interspersed. Here is the good, the bad, the ugly and the humorous about Trappe and Trappe District as witnessed by the people who lived it. Also included is an extensive study of how Trappe got its name. 272 pages illustrated with photos and maps and with a complete index. $18.50 plus tax   [Available from Unicorn Bookshop]


TRAPPE THE STORY OF AN OLD-FASHONED TOWN by Dickson Preston; Trappe Bicentennial Committee; 1996, 2nd printing of the original 1976 edition; 6 x 9; 157 pages plus ads; many illustrations; an excellent and highly readable history of the town where some said "nothing ever happened in 300 years". Actually, it is surprising what was going on in Trappe: read all about it here. softbound; new; $7.50   [Available from Unicorn Bookshop] book

THE DAY IT RAINED FROGS, By James Dawson; ....."There was no clue at all that in a few short hours, an event would occur so horrendous as to send the very watch dogs howling for shelter."   [ download free .pdf]

TWO BOYS AND A NEWSPAPER, The Saga of the Trappe Enterprise, by James Dawson   [ download free .pdf]

A TRAPPE ENTERPRISE SAMPLER 1883-1885 edited and with glossary by James Dawson; Unicorn Bookshop 2004; 37 pp with an appendix and notes and glossary; 8 1/2 x 11; illustrated with rare photographs; Excerpts from the locals column of the Trappe Enterprise a newspaper established by two teenagers 17 year old Charles Kemp and 16 year old Percy Mullikin from Trappe, MD. Its take on local news is refreshing and sometimes hilarious; wraps; new; $9.75   [Available from Unicorn Bookshop]


TRAPPE, TALBOT COUNTY, Brief Description of an ancient town on the Eastern Shore, Baltimore Herald, June 3, 1881.   [ download free .pdf]

Mr. Chaplain's store was noted for its excellent whiskey....., Star Democrat March 17, 1923   [ download free .pdf]

TRAPPE'S 1828 INCORPORATION Trappe's first incorporation dated from 1828. Appartently it was forgotten since the town was incorporated again in 1856. Archives of Maryland, Vol. 474, p. 105   [ download free .pdf]

TRADITIONS, LEGENDS, AND HISTORY OF TRAPPE by W.W. Webster, Star Democrat June 21, 1940   [ download free .pdf]

ADS FROM THE TRAPPE ENTERPRISE The Trappe Enterprise, January 05, 1883   [ download free .pdf]

TRAPPE'S BY-LAWS AS PRINTED IN 1860 The Maryland Code : Public General Laws and Public Local Laws, 1860 Volume 145, Volume 2, Page 870 TALBOT COUNTY. ART. 20. TRAPPE. "....No person shall vote or be eligible to office at any such election, unless he be a white male citizen, twenty-one years of age,....."   [ download free .pdf]

BY-LAWS AND REGULATIONS ADOPTED BY THE COMMISSIONERS OF TRAPPE (1884) from the Trappe Enterprise, July 30, 1884 "....No Geese shall run at large in the streets of Trappe, and a fine of Ten cents a head shall be paid for every violation of this Law......"   [ download free .pdf]

LA TRAPPE RIVER DREDGING ETC. From the May 7, 1884 issue of the Trappe Enterprise on dredging what would later be named La Trappe River.
  [ download free .pdf]

TO LA TRAPPE Robert Linck Folwell publishes a poem about Trappe in his book The Mystic Atlantic City, Morro Castle and Other Poems, [N.Y., James Stewart, Publisher, p. 101]: 1903
  [ download free .pdf]

HOW DID TRAPPE, MD. GET ITS NAME? by James Dawson, 2008. Was Trappe founded by Trappist monks from France? Or did it get its name from a tavern called The Partridge Trap? The answer may surprise you. It was none of the above. Read all about it here.   [ download free .pdf]

HISTORIES OF TRAPPE DISTRICT NECKS  In the late 1920s, Wilson M. Tyler wrote a series of histories about Talbot County's several Neck "districts" for the Easton Star Democrat. Tyler, a local historian and former editor and publisher of the Easton Gazette, knew the county well. Trappe District was completely represented with Island Creek Neck on Oct. 1, Grubin Neck on Oct. 15, Cambridge Ferry Neck on Oct. 22, Bolingbroke Neck on Oct. 29, Bambury on Nov. 5, and Landing Neck on Nov. 12, 1927. Also included is an auto tour of Bolingbroke Neck he made in 1915, and an article on Windy Hill and Bruceville from 1927.
       Despite the author's sometimes flowery writing style, these delightful articles present an intimate and invaluable look at a time long past. Most of the articles were accompanied by hand drawn maps and photos which are included here. The photos are of poor quality, but they are better than none at all. Sadly, all of the original photographs were lost in a basement flood decades ago.
       These transcriptions have been made from microfilms of poor quality original newspapers which are often difficult to read. The article on Bambury Neck is unreadable and would have been completely lost, but for the chance survival of an original clipping preserved by a Trappe resident.
       It is hoped that these transcriptions will give Tyler's histories some new readers in the 21st century.

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Articles by James Dawson