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      The Unicorn Bookshop was started in 1975 in Easton, MD. by Jim Dawson in partnership with Ken Callahan. It was located above Cherrys at 18 W. Dover St. from 1975 to 1978 and at Court House Alley at 24 N. Washington St. from 1978 to 1983.
      In 1983, Jim, now the sole owner, moved the store to its current location on the west bound lane of Rt. 50 in Trappe, which about 9 miles south of Easton and 5 miles north of Cambridge.
      It is an active, open shop located in a one story brick building with a second floor wing for antique maps.
      People often ask why it is called the Unicorn Bookshop. Unicorn just seemed like a nice name, short and easy to remember. And (almost) everybody likes unicorns. And a pox on you if you don't.
      One of the most exciting events in shop history occurred on Feb. 14, 1997 when a deer crashed through two plate glass doors, ran through the shop and then went upstairs to meet its unfortunate demise in the map room. Since it was Valentine's Day, people thought that the lovelorn deer was looking for the unicorn. The shop now posts a "no deer" sign on the door (a leaping deer with a slash through it) and since then has had no more trouble with deer infestations.
      The shop is a member of WABA which is the Washington Area

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Antiquarian Booksellers Association. Jim also writes a monthly article on books and book collecting for The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles.
Click here for some sample articles.

Unicorn Bookshop
3935 Ocean Gateway
P.O. Box 154
Trappe, MD. 21673-0154

phone: (410) 476-3838

email: unicornbookshopMD@gmail.com

Owner: James Dawson

Open seven days a week 9 to 5. All books and maps 100% guaranteed as described or complete refund. Phone and Mail Orders accepted. Payment by Cash, Check, Visa and Master card.

Jim Dawson
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