Isle of Rays and Barnett platt
      A platt of Isle of Rays farm (now Roslyn farm) and the Barnett farm (now Milan Farm) on Island Creek Rd. done in Feb. 1867. The main house at Isle of Rays and probably some of the out buildings are still standing. However only one structure, a smoke house, shown on the Barnett farm still exists. The row of five buildings are probably barns and various sheds necessary to keep a farm going, and possibly could have been slave quarters.
       Note Devil's Lane a strip of land between the east boundary of Isle of Rays and the west boundary of the Ross farm. This was the result of a dispute between Joseph Caulk and Anthony Ross over the maintanance of the fence there. Ross claimed that Caulk did not maintain it and built his own fence a few feet farther in on his property. The resulting strip of land grew up and was known as Devil's Lane because presumably it was the devil's work that had created it.